Poweshiek County

Poweshiek County History

imagesCAG3L6A0-150x150Poweshiek County was formed in 1843 and named after the chief of the Fox Indian tribe who signed the treaty ending the Black Hawk War.  Considered part of the Southeast Iowa region, Poweshiek County is home to nearly 19,000 residents in 10 cities and surrounding areas.  I-80 and US Highway 63 are key assets that connect us to a growing region.  Montezuma is the county seat.

Poweshiek County Government

1803edit2-150x150The Poweshiek County Courthouse is the focal point of our beautiful and historic town square.  Orginally designed by architects Drake and Dryden, the 1859 Greek Revival structure houses the majority of Poweshiek County government services including the offices of County Supervisors, Auditor, Treasurer, Recorder and Clerk of Court.  The Poweshiek County Sanitarian and Zoning Adminitrative Office is located on the west side of the square at 102 South Third Street.The courthouse building has undergone several facelifts, upgrades and improvements including restoration to the original brick red facade, addition of the south wing that offers handicap accessiblity, a new carillon, and the surrounding courthouse lawn which features a growing list of monuments,  including the All Veterans Memorial and the nation’s first Bill of Rights Monument.  The Poweshiek County Courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.  302 East Main Street, Montezuma, Iowa 50171.  MAP  WEBSITE 

County Office Phone Numbers

Assessor: 641-623-5445
Attorney:  641-623-5134
Auditor:  641-623-5443
Clerk of Court: 641-623-5644
Engineering: 641-623-5435
Recorder: 641-623-5434
Sanitarian/Zoning:  641-623-3762
Sherriff:  641-623-5679
Supervisors: 641-623-5723
Treasurer Auto Dept: 641-623-2137
Treasurer Tax Dept: 641-623-5128

Poweshiek County Public Safety

county-safety-e1326424503180-150x107Montezuma is headquarters of the Poweshiek County Public Safety facility, including home to the Poweshiek County Sherriff’s Office.  The new $8 million state-of-the-art facility was completed in 2010 and features administrative areas for staff, and holding cells, excericse and kitchen facilities to serve the needs of inmates.  Offices for the Poweshiek County Emergency Management Agency and 911 call center, as well as offices for county attorneys are also part of the 24,600 square foot complex.  4802 Barnes City Road, Montezuma, Iowa 50171, phone 641-623-4357.  MAP  WEBSITE 

Please call 911 for an emergency.

Poweshiek County Extension

th-150x139ISU Poweshiek County Extension provides research-based information and education to help Poweshiek County residents make decisions that affect their families, communities, businesses, and farms.  Poweshiek County Extension provides research-based learning opportunities to improve the quality of local lives.  114 South Third Street, Montezuma, Iowa 50171, phone 641-623-5188.  MAP  WEBSITE