Montezuma Natural Gas
Montezuma Natural Gas provides services within city limits and some of the surrounding area.  The gas department 20180419151104_00001 - Copy
is governed by the City Council and is operated by two staff members.  Gas department staff work hard to continually meet federal guidelines regarding safety and awareness.  

If you believe there may be a gas leak on your property, leave the premises immediately.  Do not make any calls or turn any light switches while inside the home.  

Gas Department After-Hours Emergency Contact Number:

Montezuma Natural Gas Letter to Residents

Montezuma Natural Gas Letter to Businesses, Home Owners, and Landlords

As your natural gas distributor, Montezuma Municipal Utilities, in accordance with federal regulations, wishes to make you aware of certain safety recommendations regarding your underground natural gas piping.  Please click here to read a memo to all Montezuma Natural Gas customers.

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