South Diamond Development

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The City of Montezuma’s newest housing project, the South Diamond Development is a 15-acre site containing 31-lots for single-family and multi-family housing.  Ground breaking on the development began in the fall 2012, and was completed in the fall 2013.  The lots are ‘dig-ready’, with water, sewer, gas and electric provisions in place.  The Development lies along the Barnes City Highway between 3rd Street and Bonham Memorial Park.

The City of Montezuma recently released improved plans for the South Diamond Housing Development.  The Council voted in November 2014 to amend the existing pricing structure and revise the Covenants of the 15-acre site.

Lots are now being offered at a 33% discount, bringing the price of a standard lot down to approximately $13,000.   In addition to the lot discount, the follow fees will be waived for any builder who purchases a lot before July 1, 2016: sewer tap fee ($500), gas tap fee ($250), water tap fee ($250) and building permit application fee ($50). 

There are also a number of local contractor rebates available to South Diamond Development property owners for flooring, heating, plumbing, electrical, and concrete services as well as building materials.  Click here for a printable South Diamond Housing Development lot price chart.

“The City is committed to doing all it can to improve housing options in the community, and reducing the lot prices in the South Diamond Development is an important step toward that objective,” stated City Councilmember Curtis Bolen.

The Covenants for the South Diamond Development were also modified by the City Council in order to provide home-builders more freedom.  Click here to view or print the revised covenants.

“We really focused on removing any unnecessary or restrictive articles from the Covenants.  Our goal was to give property owners maximum control while maintaining the integrity of the Development,” stated Bolen.  “I would encourage anyone who has questions about the Covenants to reach out to the City Office or Councilmembers.”

Both the City and County also offer property tax savings options that would be available to new South Diamond Development residents.  Poweshiek County provides a Homestead Credit to any person who owns and occupies a home; and the City of Montezuma offers tax abatement under the Urban Revitalization Plan for Montezuma.

If you have any questions or interest in purchasing a lot, please contact The City Office at 641-623-5617.

South Diamond Development Documents

South Diamond Development Map
South Diamond Development Covenants (Print-friendly)
South Diamond Development Covenants (Recorded Version)
South Diamond Development Lot Price Chart
South Diamond Development Builder Incentives